Songlines 109

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  • Top of the World 109 | 15-track compilation featuring Seckou Keita, Dele Sosimi and Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino.

  • Features 
    Cheikh Lô
    Buena Vista’s Eliades Ochoa & Omara Portuondo
    Le Vent du Nord
    Rajasthani folk music

    My World: Joss Stone
    Introducing...: Daymé Arocena & Keston Cobblers Club
    Quick Fire: Natasha Solomons, James Shepard & Nancy Kerr
    Beginner’s Guide to: Juan Luis Guerra
    Postcard from: Nagore, India
    Spotlight: Lyre of Ur
    The Essential Ten: Cuban albums
    Price:  10.00 GBP
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